Products: Backup Devices

Datto ALTO 2 (1TB)

Datto ALTO 2 is the only hybrid cloud solution that keeps your small business clients up and running through outages, data loss and disasters. This business continuity solution is built specifically for small businesses, breaking down the barrier of entry for both the solution provider and end-user. You get a compact and powerful appliance that takes snapshots of your servers and workstations, then replicates them to the ultra-secure Datto Cloud, all for a minimal cost.

ALTO 2 uses image-based backup technology, so it takes full images of machines instead of merely backing up files... Read More

Datto SIRIS 3 (up to 60TB)

Datto’s purpose-built SIRIS 3 high-performance appliances are tailored to the specific requirements of the SIRIS solution and packed with the latest generation of components.

Each comes complete with multiple 10 gigabit ethernet interfaces and the latest generation of multi-core Intel XEON CPUs and DDR4 memory for increased performance as well as an IPMI for remote lights-out management.

Built and unit-tested by Datto all devices come with a standard 5-year warranty. Storage capacity ranges from 500GB to 60TB, with field upgrades available to provide additional capacity as... Read More

Datto ALTO XL (up to 24TB)

Datto ALTO XL delivers the same winning combination of performance and value that makes the ALTO 2 so compelling, in a larger, scalable package. Designed specifically for applications requiring 1 TB of storage or more, ALTO XL features hotswappable drive bays across all model lines that enable upgrades up to 24TB.

Datto ALTO XL utilizes the latest-generation of Datto’s Hybrid Virtualization. Hybrid Virtualization technology initializes a virtual machine in the secure Datto Cloud, then automatically connects to the local network through the ALTO XL appliance on-site using a secure... Read More