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For almost 30 years Sierra Communications has been providing our clients with telecom and data solutions to help their businesses run efficiently. We are dedicated to providing our clients:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Fast Response & Accurate Results
  • Reliable & Affordable Technology

Recent News:

Sierra Managed WiFi

During the onboarding process, often our new customers express frustrations with their current WiFi implementation and a sense of urgency in addressing these challenges sooner rather than later. They tell us things like:

  • They need to make sure their employees don’t waste time during the day
  • They need to keep their business secure from cyber threats.
  • They need to deliver the best possible customer experience on their Guest WiFi.
  • They cannot afford costly downtime caused by equipment malfunction

Sierra knows WiFi and we know how to make it work to your specific needs.

Our Managed WiFi System is centered around helping our customers achieve a competitive advantage through technology. It enables Sierra to be proactive in our monitoring of your IT infrastructure and to quickly respond to any issue that may arise.

Sierra managed Wi-Fi offers 

  • WiFi reliability
  • Free replacement of damaged and aging malfunctioning equipment
  • Improved user productivity
  • superior coverage

All backed by our best in class customer service and IT support teams. We also offer Social media enablement and demographics information and network continuity solutions where needed.

If you are interested in improving the WiFi at your business, get in touch with Sierra today for more information and to arrange a demo of our solution.