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For almost 30 years Sierra Communications has been providing our clients with telecom and data solutions to help their businesses run efficiently. We are dedicated to providing our clients:

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Recent News:

E-Mail Security Service and Spam filtration

Contact Sierra today for help securing your organizations Email server!

Sierra's  Email Security Solution through our partners at Barracuda includes:

  • Inbound Filtering: Stop Email-Borne Threats and Spam Before They Hit Your Mail Server
  • Outgoing HIPPA Protection: Catch sensitive personal data before it leaves the building
  • Outbound encryption: ensure your email is only read by its intended recipient
  • Email Spooling: When your server or internet connection goes down, we will hold the mail for you until it comes back up.

This service is available at rates as low as $3 per user per month. Call us today for more information!