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For almost 30 years Sierra Communications has been providing our clients with telecom and data solutions to help their businesses run efficiently. We are dedicated to providing our clients:

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Fast Response & Accurate Results
  • Reliable & Affordable Technology

Recent News:

Cloud Services

Is your organization considering migrating your existing infrastructure to the cloud? Are you looking for a one stop vendor to help assist you with migration, help with additional projects AND support your users after the migration is complete?

Sierra offers:

  • Physical to virtual server migrations to both local hyper-v implementations and cloud platforms.
  • Setup of new server/domain infrastructure via our cloud hosting solution
  • Support for users of our cloud offerings through our Managed services program.
  • Thin clients, to get your users quickly connected to remote resources at a low cost
  • Firewall services to protect your hosted servers from abuse or theft.
  • Cloud based Disaster recovery solutions.
  • Email security services to filter out Spam and malware from Hosted mail servers.
  • & Much more...

Contact our Service Dept.  today for more information regarding these services.