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Recent News:

Collection 1 data breach, Over 772 million email addresses and 21 million passwords

The latest public data breach titled “Collection #1” found hosted on the cloud service Mega. The over 87 gigabytes of personal information appeared to have been built up over the years with some ranging back to 2008.  Online service https://haveibeenpwned.com allows you to search your email address to show if the account was included in the leaks.

When it comes to these breaches it is important to change your passwords and not only on the service that had the leak but any other that use the same password. When potential hackers have access to this massive amount of login data, they're not sitting at a computer trying to log into every account one by one. They're using bots to do it through a technique called credential stuffing, which automatically blasts multiple services with the same set of login information.

If you would like more information regarding data breaches, would like some help updating your passwords or network security practices, or need assistance determining if you are one of the people affected by this massive data breach please reach out to us at service@sierracommunications.com or call us at 207-947-4199